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Struggling With How To Enhance Your Home’s Show Appeal?

Overwhelmed With Downsizing or Relocation Details?

Uncomfortable With the Look and Feel of Your Current Home?

Confused About How to Clear Out and Prep an Inherited Property for Resale?

Each of these concerns shares a common need – the effective management of household space and of the items contained in it.

Space Management, LLC solves these problems with a simple and systematic process. The company identifies what needs to be done, in what sequence and by whom – and gets the job done for you from start to finish. 

Space Management, LLC offers home staging, relocation, space planning and estate clearing services.

Lynne Duesenberg is the founder of Space Management, LLC. Before she opened her business, she worked one-on-one for six months with a certified Interior Redesign Industry Specialists trainer.  Lynne has solved the space management problems of clients in and around Denver, Colorado, for more than five years.

Living Room

Please browse this website for detailed information on how Space Management, LLC can alleviate your space management problems. Learn about our clients and the issues they face by visiting Who I Work With.

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To find out how Space Management, LLC can help you, call 303.807.0280 for your complimentary consultation today!



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