Estate Clearance

Frazzled by the Details of Relocation?

Has Your Client Suddenly Inherited a House?

Does Your Client Need Quick, Efficient Distribution of Family Possessions?

BedroomDuring this difficult time, your client is looking to you for all the answers. How do they decide what to do with items acquired over several decades – especially treasured ones?  How do they prepare the house for the best show appeal?   

By using the expertise of an estate clearance professional, details from sorting personal possessions to having the house cleaned are looked after. The estate house is quickly and efficiently cleared and prepared for sale. This gives you more time to devote to your client’s other pressing needs.


With my estate clearance expertise, your clients experience less stress and anxiety. I ensure that the process is performed in a professional manner -- and with compassion, sensitivity and integrity.



BedroomAfter“My mother left a small bungalow that was packed to the rafters, including a full basement and garage, with items she had collected over the past 32 years. After speaking to Lynne on the phone and getting the scope of her work, I hired her immediately. I can’t begin to tell you what a godsend she is.  She is a thorough professional who not only does a meticulous job, but she is also a very warm, kind and caring individual with whom you may trust your most valuable family heirlooms. To this day I don’t know how I could possibly have performed the monumental task that she did.”
– Maxine G. Huntington Beach, California


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To find out how my estate clearance services can help ease the burden of inheriting a home, call me today at 303.807.0280 for a
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