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What’s It Like To Work With Space Management?

I help alleviate the stress that people face when selling their homes, relocating, downsizing or reconfiguring current space, or preparing for an estate sale. This page describes how I perform my services for each of these situations.

Home Staging


Space Planning (downsizing or reconfiguring current space)

Estate Sales



Starting the home staging process is simple. Just call me at 303.807.0280 to schedule a time for a free preview. I do a complete walk-through from curbside to the back yard and through every room inside, using my “buyers’ eyes” as I go.

Loft3Vacant Homes
When the home is vacant, you don’t even need to be present while I preview the home.  I identify which rooms need to be staged with furniture, accessories and artwork to enhance its showing appeal. Then I prepare a bid estimate, which includes the following staging costs:

  • The rental fee for furniture, artwork and accessories
  • Number of warehouse hours needed to select all staging items
  • A staging day to arrange the furnishings effectively.


Occupied Homes
When the home is occupied, I will spend about 4 – 6 hours (with or without the homeowner) doing an analysis of the home’s general condition, rearranging furniture, artwork and accessories, and editing and streamlining each room. The homeowner will know:

  • The home’s best features and how to draw attention to them
  • Problem areas and how to improve or minimize them
  • Necessary repairs and improvements that need to be made.


I will also provide specific details on how to prepare your home for a first-rate showing which will highlight your home’s finest features.  


Occupied Home Consultation
For homeowners who prefer to complete the home staging themselves, I offer the option of a consultation. I provide you with step-by-step instructions to give your home the competitive edge. Then you do the work of completing each step. A print-out of the instructions is available upon request.

Home Staging Benefits
The enhanced showing appeal created by home staging results in a positive first impression that aces the 10-second test. While other houses sit on the market and end up selling for less, your home sells quickly and at top price.

Call 303.807.0280 today to schedule your free home staging preview.

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As soon as you know you are going to move, give me a call at 303.807.0280 for a free 30-minute consultation.

Your selection of relocation services can range from referrals for moving companies to hanging artwork in your new home.  I do as much or as little as you need.

From start to finish, I am your one point of contact. I create a relocation calendar to ensure everything gets done. Among the relocation services I provide are:

Before the move:

  • Referrals for Better Business Bureau moving companies
  • Downsizing by choosing what to keep, donate, toss or sell on Ebay
  • Creating an inventory of your belongings
  • Packing and labeling your possessions
  • Coordinating services and repair work
  • Staging the home for sale.

At the new home:

  • Unpacking and putting items where they belong (closets, kitchen…)
  • Removing boxes and packing materials
  • Space planning
  • Final furniture and accessory placement
  • Hanging artwork.

Benefits of Relocation Services
During the relocation process, my clients experience peace of mind because they know all the details are taken care of – and on time.  At their new homes, settling in happens smoothly. The house has a fresh, organized, “things in their right places” look from the first day. Relocating executives are back at work and productive much sooner. And everyone quickly returns to a normal life. 

Call 303.807.0280 today for your free 30-minute relocation services consultation.

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My space planning process is a systematic approach that starts with a phone conversation to discuss your needs. Just call me at 303.807.0280.

Downsizing to a Smaller HomeSmall Spaces 2
When you are moving into a smaller residence, I help you plan how to comfortably arrange your new space.

First, I help you decide which furniture to take with you. Then I measure each item.

Next, I create made-to-scale cutouts of your furniture (which will match your to-scale floor plan).  This helps you visualize how the furniture you chose fits into your new home. It also helps you fine-tune your decision about whether to take a given item.

In the process, I show you the best way to place your furniture to create openness, smooth traffic flow and a comfortable setting that fits your lifestyle.

Revitalizing Your Current Home
When you want to refresh the look and feel of your current home, I go through your home one room at a time. In each room, I identify the best use of your current belongings. Next I arrange the items in the room based on their function.

Benefits of Space Planning
Professional space planning alleviates for you the decision-making stress of moving into a smaller home or reconfiguring your current space.

Instead of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, you can enjoy calm, accomplishment and order. And best of all, you’ll be delighted with the look and feel of your new or revitalized home.

Call 303.807.0280 today for your space planning appointment.

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When families suddenly inherit a house, deciding what to do with all the possessions is just one of the major tasks they face. They also have to deal with legal, tax and financial details.  Small Spaces 3

With one simple phone call, all of the house clearing tasks can begin, freeing up time to focus on other concerns. Just call me at 303.807.0280 for a free 30-minute consultation to assess your needs.

Estate Clearance Process
I ensure that the process is performed quickly and efficiently -- and with compassion, sensitivity and integrity.

My simple and systematic estate clearance process follows these basic steps:

1. Needs Assessment
Together, we create a list of needed estate clearance services. These may include any combination of the following:

Distributing Possessions:

  • Taking a full inventory
  • Sorting personal possessions
  • Categorizing house contents
  • Meeting with estate liquidators
  • Creating an itemized list of donations for tax purposes
  • Arranging for donation pickup or drop-off
  • Setting up delivery of a trash roll-off dumpster.

Preparing House for Sale:

  • Coordinating service work and repairs
  • Arranging to have the house professionally cleaned
  • Home staging the property for resale show appeal. 

2. Performance of Requested Estate Clearance Services
Once I have your list of requested services and the timeframe, I immediately begin creating a work schedule for all the service people needed. 

3. On-Time Completion of Requested Estate Clearance Services
I oversee all of the requested services. When needed to meet time constraints, I bring in assistants. Throughout the process, I am your one point of contact.

Benefits of Estate Clearance Services
Families feel a sense of relief and well-being because they know their inherited house and possessions are being handled ethically, efficiently and compassionately. 

Every item in the house is properly distributed -- and accounted for on an itemized spreadsheet. The house is cleaned, repaired and home staged for sale.

My estate clearance services help ease the emotional burden of inheriting a home. Families are free to attend to other essential details, including spending some stress-free time with each other.

Call 303.807.0280 today for your free 30-minute estate clearance services consultation.

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