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The beautiful features of this mountain home needed to be emphasized. They were...and it sold in 11 days!
After staging, the hollow sounding and bare entertainment area just invites a party!
The smaller rooms in this remodeled Baker District home appear much larger when furnished.
Proof: it sold in 4 weeks!
Standard bookshelves - all dressed up - can transform any room
A small intimate setting shows buyers how nice it would be to live here!

Furniture helps to define adjoining rooms that have different functions

Beautiful “before” but once furnished, buyers can see themselves living there!

Keep accessories to a minimum to show off selling features - like this stunning fireplace

Bedrooms should be gender neutral to appeal to all buyers

Let beautiful hardwood floors be seen – use smaller rugs!

Smaller homes benefit just as much from staging as larger homes

Kitchen / Family Before
Kitchen / Family After
Kitchen Nook: buyers will linger longer if there is something of interest to look at
Family Before
Family After
Family Room: a warm setting lets buyers see their family having fun in this room!
Living Before
Living After

Living Room: just a few pieces brought in can completely transform a room

Dining Before
Dining After

Dining Room: table settings can make the home seem friendly and inviting

Living2 Before
Living2 After

Living Room: furnishings can give a buyer an idea of how to furnish odd-shaped rooms

Sitting Before
Sitting After
Reading Area: just two pieces of furniture and 4 accessories make this area seem larger
These home owners didn't have a big budget. One rug, one plant and one piece of artwork - all of a sudden the dining room has a comfortable feel to it!
Fresh paint along with furnishings create a new look for this room.



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