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By adding furnishings to this average porch (now a sun room!) square footage is added to the home's total living space
This small area becomes very functional as well as attractive by simply adding a few practical pieces of furniture and some colorful accessories.
Small Spaces Before
Small Spaces After
Office Area: this small basement landing area serves as
an office and looks much larger with furniture in it
Small Spaces 2
Small Spaces 3
Living Room: a few pieces of furniture and some
nice accessories make the buyers want to sit down and rest (and see how much they love the house!)
Foyer: an entryway too small to be a
full-fledged room can be used for a
couple of guests to get away and talk
A desk, a chair and a lamp -
create a comfy home office

One plant, one piece of artwork –
and this nook is transformed!


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