Space Planning

Overwhelmed by How to Downsize Your Furnishings for a Smaller Home?

Tired of the Look and Feel of Your Current Home?

Whether you are moving into a smaller residence or spiffing up your current home, the objective expertise of a professional space planner minimizes the stress of decision-making.


Space planning is a systematic process that:

  • Creates comfortable, open living space
  • Identifies which furnishings to keep, toss, donate or sell
  • Arranges your furniture effectively in each room
  • Enhances smooth traffic flow based on your lifestyle and use of each room

After space planning, my clients enjoy a sense of accomplishment and order. They are delighted with the look and feel of their new or revitalized home.

“Lynne is so dependable and fun to work with. She recently helped me to clear out 20+ years of unneeded items. Another plus is that she was able to help me set up my home office which is also used for a home business. I wasn’t able to work effectively in that room until she did some space planning and redesign in the room. Now it is flowing with ideas, creativity and prosperity. What a gift to be able to work with her.”
-- Terry Mason, President, Brilliant Solutions Group, Aurora, Colorado, December 2006Loft2

To learn more about my space planning process, visit How I Work.

To find out how my space planning service can help you minimize the stress of downsizing to a smaller home or revitalizing your current home, call me today at 303.807.0280 for an appointment. 


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